This Car Doesn’t Work Without Seat Belts

imageWe were driving along when our car began to slow, mom pulling over to the side of the road. Silence, except for the hum of the engine. Uh oh, I thought, someone’s in trouble. Without turning around mom calmly said, “The car doesn’t work without seat belts”. My heart beat a little faster. How did she know? I slowly reached down and re-buckled my lap belt. The ‘click’ it made was so loud. Mom pulled back onto the road and we were on our way again.

“This car doesn’t work without seat belts.” was repeated to us so many times that any trip in the car didn’t seem right if  we didn’t hear it. It became so engrained in me that when I began transporting children in my own vehicle or for field trips, I found myself saying something similar. While it seemed nearly impossible to get comfortable while wearing a seat belt, we certainly survived. Today, with almost all seats having a shoulder strap, there are several adjusters to help provide a more comfortable fit.

I guess when I was very young, the rule about seat belts only applied when we were IN the vehicle. Pickup truck beds and wood-piled trailers didn’t really count. 🙂 Story coming soon.

Safety in and around vehicles is very important, especially for children. Arizona has updated the child restraint laws and recommendations recently. You can check them out here.

Feel free to share your own transportation stories in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “This Car Doesn’t Work Without Seat Belts

  1. Oooh, I remember that so well! Trying to unbuckle the belt so quietly but without fail the car would start slowing down… Mom was good! I never could understand how she could hear the unbuckling process when we were so quiet, but I’m glad she did as I don’t feel comfortable unless I’m belted in! I guess that’s how good habits are sometimes born:)

  2. (Smile) We’ve come a long way since seatbelts (and carseats) were mandatory! When I was little (a toddler firmly standing under the right shoulder of the driver) our “seatbelt” was the driver’s right arm coming out and pinning you to the back of the seat at any unexpected stop/slowing. The seatbelts of today are much more improved and effective! 🙂 Thanks for this excellent reminder.

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