Look At Me! Smile! Say Cheese!

Jess taking photo 77

Capturing the moment gives us a memento, something to look back at. A photo or video helps us remember and tap into the feelings we had at the time, but do we capture too many moments? Are we truly present while capturing the present? What I’ve noticed is that the act of taking pictures has, for some, become THE moment, THE connection and activity, and less about the product of the photo (bravo). I think for many people, it is quite possible to remain present while capturing those special moments. For others it is a challenge and becomes more about getting the perfect photo or video which may develop barriers in the relationship – especially in relationships between children and their parents.

So, how do you capture the moment? Are you able to be present?




4 thoughts on “Look At Me! Smile! Say Cheese!

  1. Recently, Audrey has taken up photography–sort of. She likes to run off with our cell phones or iPads and take random–yet beautiful– photos. She has managed to capture simple, everyday moments that we tend to take for granted. It’s fun to watch!

  2. I’m gonna say that I’m right in the middle Jess. Sometimes present and sometimes consumed by the ‘perfect pic’ … Of course my little monkeyhead always takes good pics;) This one made me think!

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